JFAN USA Board of Directors 2021-2022

The Board of Directors of JFAN USA consists of seven officers and five members. Members of the board work to support the mission of JFAN, support affiliate clubs, promote a common branding, and provide overall guidance to JFAN efforts. Subcommittees of the board include: formation of new clubs, newsletter/website coordination, conference call management and follow-up, JFAN congress, and WUJA coordination.


Chris Miller, President
Deanna Howes Spiro, Vice President (External Affairs)
Karl Ertle, Vice President (Internal Affairs)
Brian Gagnon, Treasurer
Mary Gresens, Secretary
Frank Brady, Jr., Historian
Spiritual Advisor, Fr. William Muller, SJ


Mike Anderson
Dave Clifford
Tina Facca
John FitzGerald
Rick Krivanka
Jen LaMaster
Dan Malone

Jeffrey H. Paravano, President Emeritus